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King's Domain

“I saw and heard my kids begin to know gifts and abilities that God has given them and how they can use them.” Youth Leader – Columbus, Ohio

“I would not have the faith that I have today if it hadn’t been for King’s Domain.” Hannah – Age 15

Igniting a passion in those who desire to lead lives of significance right now, our staff challenge students in their servant leadership as they work as junior counselors with their peers. Working hard and playing hard together, Momentum students realize the fun and fulfillment of living with purpose.

Highlights for Momentum students are…

Think local mission trip plus summer camp. In addition to developing their leadership by serving campers, Momentum students are mentored by our counselors and will learn about the Lord and themselves in teaching times crafted exclusively for them. Our staff facilitate the vast majority of the programming so youth leaders can focus their time and energy on discipling and caring for their students. We believe deepening these relationships must be prioritized because they last well beyond the week spent on camp property!


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