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King's Domain

“They really just explained God to
me in a way I could understand.” Cody – Age 9

“I felt like I was able to hear God speaking
to me when I was out in the woods with
my friends” Samantha – Age 12

Camp Connect, our only day camp, offers a unique and unforgettable experience as children develop strong character and connect with peers and influential role models while participating in a wide variety of high-energy, meaningful activities. Parents can expect a full night of sleep after each day!

Each year, kids rave about…

We seek to accelerate the mission of the local church, and Camp Connect provides the opportunity for an experience shared by people of all ages. As our full-time and college-age summer staff coordinate the logistics and facilitate the programming, church staff and volunteers are freed up to focus solely on building and deepening relationships with the kids in their children’s ministry during the week. Camp Connect also creates a natural reason to reach out by inviting other kids from the local community to join in!

Likewise, we invite youth groups to serve as junior counselors through our Momentum program while kids from the same church and community attend camp during the day. This allows adults from the church to invest in their children and youth simultaneously as everyone involved experiences a memorable week of fun!