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King's Domain

“It was awesome to do rock climbing and the power pole!” Harlow – Age 13

“The time around the campfire was the best part of camp. Being able to talk about God like that with my friends doesn’t happen every day.” Josh – Age 14

Available to both guys and girls, Adventure Camp is full of, well, adventure! Staff, counselors, and campers spend most of the week at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs enjoying God’s creation and each other’s company.

Campers have the chance to participate in…

As they meet physical and mental challenges, teenage campers practice leading, serving, and relying on the Lord. Gathering around a campfire to study the Bible and dig into each other’s lives, these young men and women learn how to live as one created in God’s image. Our staff do not shy away from difficult topics but tackle society’s definitions of masculinity and femininity in hopes of seeing the truth transform the campers’ lives.





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