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In 1973, while attending a conference as a young staff member with Athletes in Action, God gave Wendel Deyo the vision for a multi-faceted ministry complex in the midwest.

Over the next 30 years, what would become King’s Domain, would be intricately linked to Wendel’s own personal faith journey. It is a story still being written, but one that has God’s fingerprints all over it. Not a week goes by that He doesn’t do something miraculous to bring into existence what 30 years ago was only a dream.

The present-day King’s Domain property, known then as Camp Firefly, was purchased in 1987.

Under Wendel’s leadership as their President, Athletes in Action relocated its national headquarters to King’s Domain in 1992. In addition to functioning as AIA’s National Headquarters, King’s Domain also began developing and hosting sports and youth camps during the summer months.

In the mid-1990s, King’s Domain was donated to Campus Crusade for Christ International.

In 2003, King’s Domain was purchased back from Campus Crusade and since then has been developing and expanding the vision given three decades earlier. Three years later, we transitioned from merely hosting events to sponsoring events, which included providing programming, promoting partnerships and camp development.

In 2009, we had a record number of children experience camp at King’s Domain. A significant differentiator of our summer camps is that we focus on reaching “at-risk” kids who cannot afford camp. So these youth can experience the love of Christ, we “give away” what other camps charge up to $700 per week for in registration fees.

In addition, King’s Domain has an official partnership with the Great Lakes region of the campus ministry within Campus Crusade for Christ. As such, we offer leadership development and ministry training to college students from across the country who participate in King’s Domain Summer Project. In 2011, we had 61 college students representing 24 colleges and universities from 17 states participate.

Beyond our summer programs and offerings, King’s Domain continues to expand its 365-day a year ministry. We host hundreds of events each year, impacting the lives of thousands of individuals from all across Ohio. Each of our staff members work tirelessly to ensure that these events are a blessing to those participating, from the beginning planning stages all the way down to stellar service and personal care during the actual event. As a result of our labor, many are able to relax and experience God in a unique way, something our guests testify to over and over again.

Aside from these planned retreats and events, dozens of local ministry leaders are refreshed and rejuvenated monthly using our Pastoral Retreat Offering, which is an opportunity for these leaders to get a way for a few days, seek the Lord, and be renewed at no personal cost to themselves.

We hope you will come and experience for yourself the place and ministry that is King’s Domain!

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King's Domain

King's Domain Summer Camp Outdoors

King's Domain Summer Camp Outdoors